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Summer is coming. Warmer days and holidays. Dinner under the cherry tree. Barefoot children run in the grass. I mix lemonade and surprise the kids on the first day of summer vacation.

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Lidatorp – our own design since 2017

The vision with Storefactory´s expression has always been clear. And as a Head of design, I make sure that each product has e meaning and gives the right feeling. That it should be a natural part of the room and give a joyful feeling without taking too much attention. Lidatorp is a candlestick in ceramic that you make to your own. Use the bowl as practical storage, decorate it or keep it empty. Add sweets, nuts, fruits or decorate it with flowers, stones, shells etc. The possibilities are endless and you can vary it according to seasons and holidays. // Madeleine , Designer of Lidatorp

A New Collection

It’s time for autumn to take space. With natural materials and burnt tones, we create new cozy feelings in our homes. Many of our classics have landed in a new suit. A lovely brown autumn color. Enjoy and feel the autumn. It’s here soon.

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Tipsen för att ha en somrig känsla. ✨
Inred med grönska och ljusa toner. Det bästa hos oss är att vi använder levande ljus året om.
🌞 LINGSBERG ger dig den maxade ljusstaken för alla långa sommarkvällar.

Tips for having a summery feeling. ✨ Decorate with greenery and light tones. The best thing for us is that we use candles all year round. 🌞 LINGSBERG gives maximum candle love for long summer nights 💫

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Hela världen håller andan. 🌏 Allt ökar. Då vill vi ge er lite glädje i att vi inte ökar några produktpriser. Ja, vi står emot höjda priser på material och håller priset på samma nivå på hela sortimentet. Ej ökade priser! 🤍

The whole world is holding its breath. Everything is increasing. Then we want to give you some joy in that we do not increase any product prices.

Yes, we resist increased prices for materials and keep the price at the same level for the entire range. No increased prices! 🤗

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