Astrid Lindgren & Ilon Wikland by STOREFACTORY

Discover a beautiful collection of products inspired by the timeless world of Astrid Lindgren’s tales and Ilon Wikland’s illustrations.
The collection captures the nostalgic feeling of Astrid Lindgren’s tales and Ilon Wikland’s iconic illustrations, transforming them into beautiful and functional design elements.
All with motifs from Madicken, The Children of Noisy Village and now also Lotta on Troublemaker Street.

“I see, so you’ve been to Mrs Berg’s,’ Mummy said. ‘Was she pleased to see you?’ ‘Yes,’ said Joe. ‘She was pleased twice. She was pleased when we came, and she was pleased when we left.”

– from Lotta Says ‘No!’

“When some people think you are big and some think you are little then perhaps you are just exactly the right age.”

– Lisa, The Children of Noisy Village

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ASTRID LINDGREN & ILON WIKLAND: Two languages, two artists – one story

We have the privilege of passing on this treasure trove of images and words to new generations of children and adults. With humility, we want to work in the same spirit – in today’s world where the family’s everyday life and traditions are reflected in our collection.

A beautiful story in itself

The meeting between author Astrid Lindgren and illustrator Ilon Wikland in the 1950s is a story in itself. They were brought together by Astrid’s instinct for Ilon’s ability to “draw fairytales”. Just as Astrid Lindgren wrote for the child inside
us all, Ilon would draw for that inner child too. Both of them fundamentally believed in letting children be children, letting them play and dream and discover life’s mysteries for themselves – whether they’re big or small, light and dark.

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