Tips and careadvice


Almost all our ceramics are matt and untreated and have become a trademark of Storefactory. Keep in mind that since it is untreated, it must be cared with love and care. It is more sensitive than a glazed product.

It is also natural that there may be small dots or pits in the ceramic when it is handmade. 

If you fill your candlestick with something, remember to protect the surface with a little plastic so that the material does not absorb what you put in it.

Also keep in mind that some colored candles can discolour, so be careful when you put in the candles and when you blow them out so you do not get colored spots left by the candles that can be difficult to remove as candles can contain grease that makes it penetrate down into the untreated surface. Should you get wax on your candlestick, be quick and immediately scrub it off with warm water.

Should the accident occur and you get dirt on your candlestick, you can try our cleaning sponge that we sell here on the website. Just search for cleaning sponge and you will find it. Many of our retailers also sell the cleaning sponge, so ask at your nearest store. If it is just a small line that you have got on your ceramic, you can try with an eraser and erase the line.


All our vases are matt on the outside but glazed on the inside to be able to have water in them. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes condensation can form on the underside of any pots or vases.

Sometimes the vase may not be properly wiped before you put it down, which can make circles to the surface on which you put it down. So if you have a sensitive material put furniture paws under your vases to get air between them and the substrate and thus avoid surprises.


Tips when washing your textile are not to spin them too much and also not leave them in the washing machine when the laundry is done. This way you can avoid getting “stripes” in your textile which can then be difficult to remove when the textile is made of strong material. 

Tycker du atIf you think that the colors become a little dull after a few washes, put a little vinegar in the compartment where you usually put fabric softener and the colors will be much clearer again. You especially notice it on black and red colors that can feel like new again. 

Keep in mind that loose parts of the textile can get stuck in the drum, so feel free to put sensitive textile in a laundry bag.


We have several vases with small openings which are a little less easy to wash out than a regular vase. Our tip for easy cleaning is to put in warm water together with a little detergent and coarse salt and shake it to be able to clean the vase. 

If you have a lot of deposits, you can also add a little vinegar and lemon and let it stand for a while and then drive through again with the salt and water. In well-stocked kitchen stores there are also metal balls that are usually used to clean wine decanters and also these metal balls work great when you need to clean glass surfaces that are difficult to access.


Our pots are glazed on the inside, but keep in mind that condensation can naturally occur on all pots, so if you have a sensitive material, put an indoor pot in the pot and also put furniture paws under your pot to get air between the pot and the base on which it stands. Also remember not to leave water in the pot when you have watered your flower / plant as standing water mixed with soil can give very difficult discolorations which can then be extremely difficult to remove.


Stain on your canvas? Mix the juice of a lemon and salt, apply this on the stain and let it sit for half an hour. Rinse with vinegar and warm water and wash the fabric as usual

Water rings on wooden furniture can be difficult to remove. But with a damp cloth and a little toothpaste, they disappear in an instant! If you want an even better effect, mix with a little sodium bicarbonate. Just like watermarks, toothpaste also removes pen and chalk marks on tables and walls. Something that is easy to get when you have creative children.

Are your cups / mugs stained with tea and coffee? Take some salt and rub on the exposed areas so they disappear easily. Another way is to dry out with drops of vinegar.

Have you spilled wax on your canvas? Peel off excess wax with something that does not destroy the substrate. Then take kitchen paper, cloth or coffee filter and put on the candle. Then iron with the iron until the stearin is absorbed.Change fabric / paper gradually.

Best cleaning agent that you make yourself: 2 dl vinegar + 3 dl water + a few drops of lemon juice + a few drops of detergent. Mix and pour into a spray bottle.

Good Luck!