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Welcome 2021

I want to let it all in, feeling spring energize my senses. Scents, light, the taste of freshly brewed coffee sipped in a secluded, sunny haven, protected from the wind. Allowing feather-light dreams to take flight, letting warmer thoughts in. I want to discover all the soft shades of spring and fill my home with them. Landing softly, in all that is new again.  

2021- The year we are turing 5 years!!!

Beige/white cushion cover
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Green/white cushion cover
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Intuition, together with our vast experience of interior design and the retail industry, kept telling us that something was still missing in Swedish homes. That’s why we created Storefactory. It’s a Swedish brand with design inspiration taken from the clean lines of nature. Beautiful items for your city apartment, summer cottage and every environment. 

Beige/white kitchen towel
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Green/White kitchen towel
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Greige/white kitchen towel
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Clean lines make room for your own imagination.


“For me, home is a sanctuary. A place to rest and recover. That’s why I want to keep it simple. No distractions. Nothing to disturb my inner peace. I want to create beautiful things and harmonious details that create a sense of calm. That give, rather than deplete, energy.”

Storefactory’s image and vision has always been clear, distinct. And, as a designer, I put great care into ensuring that every product fills its purpose and evokes the right feeling. It must become a natural part of its surroundings. Create a sense of harmony. It should be beautiful and discrete. When people talk about Swedish design, they often mention simplicity and clean lines. Genuine. Pure. Inspired by nature. This, is the heart of Storefactory’s design. A new concept might come like a bolt of lightning during a peaceful walk in the woods. Or, it might evolve slowly, through dialog and collaboration with the production side. And, when it just “feels right”, it usually also is! That’s when you know you’re done.

/ Madeleine


Our own design since 2017

Designer’s Thoughts

When I’m creating a new product, one of my goals is for you to be able to make it your own. That was the guiding principle behind LIDATORP. It’s a simple candlestick with unlimited possibilities. Use it in all your favourite settings and for every occasion. Make it your own! We understand why LIDATORP is one of our bestselling items.

Just be here and now, with each other. Think what we can catch then. Dreams of tomorrow, treasures from yesterday.

Glasscylinder with edge
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White lantern/candlestick bottom
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Like my treasured memories, I select with care the items for my home. For creating new memories, with those I love. They should last for years and tell our story. A cup with a soft, rounded rim and the scent of freshly brewed coffee.

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Weekendvibes with LIDATORP ♡⁠

Bild från @teononaalex 🥰⁠

#LIDATORP #Storefactory ⁠

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Hemma hos @haus_tannenkamp hittar vi vår stora vas NYBO tillsammans med KIABY och LIDATORP. ⁠


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Ljusare tider, längre dagar och mer sol. Nu njuter vi av denna söndag 🥰. ⁠

Här ser vi matbordet hemma hos @haus_tannenkamp, där vi har ett gäng Storefactory produkter, MEDSKOG vasen, KIABY ljushållare. Vårt keramik ägg LEVIDE, och en XL LIDATORP. ⁠


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En mindre vas gjord i klarglas, BRODDBO. De två runda mittendelarna som inblåsta runt en cylinder gör vasen väldigt unik i sitt slag. Den inbjuder till att gå fram och titta lite närmre på och utgör därför en spännande detalj i hemmet. ⁠

#BRODDBO #Storefactory

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Hemma hos duktiga @bythun hittar vi VIK vasen och den unika ljushållaren SUND 🤎🤍⁠

#VIK #SUND #Storefactory

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Hyllplan i bockad plåt med lackerad yta, VIKNER. Perfekt som sängbord eller som en hylla i vardagsrum eller kök. ⁠

Formgiven med det nordiskt mjuka i tanken, av våra egna designer. ⁠

Du hittar den nu på vår Outlet. ⁠

#VIKNER #Storefactory

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Konstnärligt uttryck som förmedlar lugn och frid. LILJEDAL kom fram ur en tanke om att förstärka känslan i interaktionen mellan människan och föremålet.⁠

Passar utmärkt med vasserien EKENÄS. ⁠

#LILJEDAL #EKENÄS #Storefactory

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Underbara toner hemma hos @bythun 🤎🙌🏼. NOGESUND och två KIABY i beigt, du ser även skymten av en LIDATORP. ⁠


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Welcome to a new season with us
// Mats & Madeleine with staff