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The spring is Beige

Later, walking down the path, the crunch of winter gravel crackles beneath my feet. And the first warm breeze caresses my cheek as I tilt my head upwards to feel the full heat of the morning sun.

Everything seems easy and spirits lift with the arrival of spring to winter-weary, city souls. Jackets hang unbuttoned and voices take on a lighter tone. Milder. Happier. Children giggle and run near the fountain.  
I want to let it all in, feeling spring energize my senses. Scents, light, the taste of freshly brewed coffee sipped in a secluded, sunny haven, protected from the wind. Allowing feather-light dreams to take flight, letting warmer thoughts in.    

I want to discover all the soft shades of spring and fill my home with them. Landing softly, in all that is new again.   

Clean lines make room for your own imagination.


“For me, home is a sanctuary. A place to rest and recover. That’s why I want to keep it simple. No distractions. Nothing to disturb my inner peace. I want to create beautiful things and harmonious details that create a sense of calm. That give, rather than deplete, energy.”

Storefactory’s image and vision has always been clear, distinct. And, as a designer, I put great care into ensuring that every product fills its purpose and evokes the right feeling. It must become a natural part of its surroundings. Create a sense of harmony. It should be beautiful and discrete. When people talk about Swedish design, they often mention simplicity and clean lines. Genuine. Pure. Inspired by nature. This, is the heart of Storefactory’s design. A new concept might come like a bolt of lightning during a peaceful walk in the woods. Or, it might evolve slowly, through dialog and collaboration with the production side. And, when it just “feels right”, it usually also is! That’s when you know you’re done.

/ Madeleine

The morning sun, warms and wakens us. Nature comes alive. Winter releases its grip, with a long, slow sigh of relief.

Large white ceramic vase
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White candlestick
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White candlestick
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Intuition, together with our vast experience of interior design and the retail industry, kept telling us that something was still missing in Swedish homes. That’s why we created Storefactory. It’s a Swedish brand with design inspiration taken from the clean lines of nature. Beautiful items for your city apartment, summer cottage and every environment. 

I want to discover all the soft shades of spring and fill my home with them. Landing softly, in all that is new again.

Thinking about creating a sense of timelessness. A love of all the that is real, natural. Pure simplicity.


Our own design

Designer’s Thoughts

When I’m creating a new product, one of my goals is for you to be able to make it your own. That was the guiding principle behind LIDATORP. It’s a simple candlestick with unlimited possibilities. Use it in all your favourite settings and for every occasion. Make it your own! We understand why LIDATORP is one of our bestselling items.

Like my treasured memories, I select with care the items for my home…for creating new memories, with those I love. They should last for years and tell our story. A cup with a soft, rounded rim and the scent of freshly brewed coffee. A sweet blue vase filled with dandelions picked by small chubby hands.

Large light grey tall ceramic vase
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Spice container S&P
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Salt and pepper shakers
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Beige round tray
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Large beige ceramic vase
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A single branch from the weekend bouquet. Still so pretty. I put it in a vase.

Welcome to a new season with us.

Mats & Madeleine with staff.

White candlestick
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Beige candlestick
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Our memories are often based on the details, making them last…or waking them anew.

Medium glass vase
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Efterlängtad påfyllning av SILUETT:en i vårt lager 😍🖤. Passar bra ihop med EKENÄS och SKEPPSVIK ljusstake.
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Härlig LIDATORP dekoration av @fraeulein.froehlich 🌱🙌🏼. ⁠

#LIDATORP #Storefactory #inredning

732 7

EKEBERGA, vår populära golvljusstake hemma hos @lovehomeandstyle 🤍👏🏼. ⁠
Finns i tre storlekar och i färgerna vit och svart. ⁠

#EKEBERGA #Storefactory

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Fin dekoration utav vår LIDATORP i färgen blank svart hemma hos @hejmelig 🖤. ⁠

För mer inspiration sök på #LIDATORP här på Instagram så hittar du över 7000 inlägg. Kärlek till alla er som delar 😘🙏🏼. ⁠

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ASPLIDEN skiner så fint hemma hos @funkiliving 😍🔥🙌🏼. #ASPLIDEN #Storefactory ...

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Hoppas att du haft en bra helg i dessa utmanande tider. Situationer som denna får oss att inse hur mycket våra nära och kära betyder 🤍🤎❤️. Duktiga @nedashome delar med sig av den Beiga serien plus glasvasen ASPÖ.

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Våren är BEIGE 🤎. Tack till @jih_creative för denna underbara bild 🙌🏼😘. #LIDATORP #KÄLLA #Storefactory ...

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RÖSBO korg. Insida i tyg som är enkel att ta bort. Perfekt detalj där du kan förvara filtar och böcker.⁠

#RÖSBO # Storefactory

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TORPA speglar det vi på Storefactory står för, ett lugn med en tidslöshet som kan sträcka sig över generationer. Vi har sett den klädd med eukalyptusblad, granris, blommor men också som den är, enkel och fin. Möjligheterna är oändliga.⁠

#TORPA #Storefactory

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Dessa färgtoner 🙌🏼😍⁠

Tack till @begeistern för denna härliga bild 😘💥. ⁠


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Dekorera BONDSTORP efter årstid och tillfälle. Den stabila formen gör att du lätt tar med dig ljuset och sitter ute en stund.⁠

Finns i tre olika färger. Mörkgrå, ljusgrå och vit. ⁠

#BONDSTORP #Storefactory

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Lugnet, kaffe, kaka och tända ljus 💭


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Vasen NOGESUND kan användas till mycket, varför inte som en slevhållare 🤷🏼‍♂️😍. Tack till @feelhome.sk 📸👏🏼🤎. #NOGESUND #Storefactory #vas ...

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