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Getting home sometimes

Dreams of tomorrow, treasures from yesterday. Come wrap a blanket around you, crawl up among the pillows and rest against my shoulder. Let us rest for a moment.

White candlestick
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Glass vase
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Intuition, together with our vast experience of interior design and the retail industry, kept telling us that something was still missing in Swedish homes. That’s why we created Storefactory. It’s a Swedish brand with design inspiration taken from the clean lines of nature. Beautiful items for your city apartment, summer cottage and every environment. 

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Källa Grupp
Matchbox with motif of Källa-vases
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Small white ceramic vase
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Small white tealight holder
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White decoration
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Clean lines make room for your own imagination.


“For me, home is a sanctuary. A place to rest and recover. That’s why I want to keep it simple. No distractions. Nothing to disturb my inner peace. I want to create beautiful things and harmonious details that create a sense of calm. That give, rather than deplete, energy.”

Storefactory’s image and vision has always been clear, distinct. And, as a designer, I put great care into ensuring that every product fills its purpose and evokes the right feeling. It must become a natural part of its surroundings. Create a sense of harmony. It should be beautiful and discrete. When people talk about Swedish design, they often mention simplicity and clean lines. Genuine. Pure. Inspired by nature. This, is the heart of Storefactory’s design. A new concept might come like a bolt of lightning during a peaceful walk in the woods. Or, it might evolve slowly, through dialog and collaboration with the production side. And, when it just “feels right”, it usually also is! That’s when you know you’re done.

/ Madeleine


Our own design

Designer’s Thoughts

When I’m creating a new product, one of my goals is for you to be able to make it your own. That was the guiding principle behind LIDATORP. It’s a simple candlestick with unlimited possibilities. Use it in all your favourite settings and for every occasion. Make it your own! We understand why LIDATORP is one of our bestselling items.

Give me yellow and red leaves and tall, crispy air. Thoughts can never fly so freely as then.

Small candle holder
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Matchbox with motif of Lidatorp
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Like my treasured memories, I select with care the items for my home. For creating new memories, with those I love. They should last for years and tell our story. A cup with a soft, rounded rim and the scent of freshly brewed coffee.


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En kombination utav populära serien EKENÄS och TVETA 😍. ⁠

Bild från duktiga @bythun 🤎. ⁠

Det #EKENÄS #TVETA #Storefactory

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Storefactory familjen 🤎🖤⁠


469 9

Där står den ståtlig i all sin enkelhet, BONDSTORP.

#BONDSTORP #Storefactory

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Hoppas du haft en skön och avkopplande helg. Ett tips på konto du ska följa är @alltagsschaetze, här kommer ett smakprov.
Vår härliga glasvas NYBO pryder soffbordet.

#NYBO #Storefactory

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Två populära serier som matchar väldigt fint ihop är EKENÄS och KÄLLA, här i ljusgrått. ⁠

Bild ifrån @elinainterior 😍.

#EKENÄS #Storefactory

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En underbar bild ifrån @nedashome 🤎. LIDATORP i glas, ÅBY och BERGA 😍. ⁠

#LIDATORP #ÅBY #BERGA #Storefactory

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Ett säkert val på soffbordet är ljusstaken BOSEBO, vasen ORRESTA och vår nya katalog i form av en "table book". ⁠

#BOSEBO #ORRESTA #Storefactory

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Vår lilla EVERT sprider glädje i hemmet. Låt honom bli en del av din jul också. ⁠

HANS är med lite i bakgrunden och lyser upp med ljuset på sin rygg. ⁠

#EVERT #HANS #nyhet #Storefactory

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Dekorera din beiga LIDATORP med svarta ljus 😍. ⁠

#LIDATORP #Storefactory ⁠

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Lys upp höstmörkret med vår nyhet LYCKE 💫.⁠

Svart ljushållare i lackad metall med plats för fem kronljus. Låt ljushållaren förgylla bordet där gemenskap och umgänge tar plats, ute som inne. ⁠

#LYCKE #nyhet #Storefactory

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