Our ceramics are typically matte and untreated, serving as a hallmark for STOREFACTORY. Because they are untreated, they require care and caution, being more delicate than glazed items. Small dots or indentations are natural, given that the ceramics are handmade.

When using candle holders, it’s essential to protect the surface with plastic to prevent material absorption. Colored candles may release pigment, so exercise caution during placement and extinguishing to avoid stains. Residue from colored candles can be challenging to remove as the wax often contains fats that can penetrate the untreated surface.

If wax spills on the candle holder, immediately scrub it off with warm water. For dirt on the candle holder, you can use our cleaning sponge, available on our website or from many retailers. For small marks on the ceramic, try erasing them with an eraser.


Our vases have a matte exterior and a glazed interior to hold water. Please note that condensation may sometimes form on the bottom of pots and vases.

If the vase is not properly dried before placement, it can create rings on the surface it is set on. To avoid surprises with delicate materials, we recommend using furniture pads under your vases. This creates airspace between the vase and the surface, reducing the risk of unwanted marks on the surface.


When laundering your textiles, it’s advisable to avoid excessive spinning and not leave them in the washing machine after the cycle. This can prevent the formation of “stripes” on the fabric, especially if it’s made of robust material.

If you notice the colors becoming slightly dull after multiple washes, you can revive them by adding a bit of vinegar to the fabric softener compartment. This restores the colors, particularly noticeable with black and red textiles.

To prevent delicate pieces from getting caught in the washing machine drum, it’s a good idea to place them in a laundry bag. This helps preserve the quality of your textiles during the washing process.


For easy cleaning of vases with small openings, we recommend filling them with warm water, a bit of dish soap, and coarse salt. By shaking the mixture, you can effectively clean the vase.

For stubborn deposits, you can add vinegar and lemon to the water, let it sit for a while, and then go through the process with salt and water. Well-stocked kitchen stores also offer metal beads used for cleaning decanters; these metal beads work excellently for cleaning glazed surfaces that may be challenging to reach.



Our pots have a glazed interior, but it’s important to be aware that condensation can naturally occur on all pots. If you have a pot made of delicate material, we recommend using an inner pot and placing furniture pads under the pot to create airspace between the pot and the surface.

To avoid issues, it’s also crucial not to leave water standing in the pot after watering your flower or plant. Standing water mixed with soil can lead to severe discoloration that might be challenging to remove.


If you have a stain on your tablecloth, try mixing lemon juice with salt and apply the mixture to the stain. Let it sit for about half an hour. After that, rinse thoroughly with vinegar and warm water. Then wash the fabric as you normally would. This should help effectively remove the stain.

To remove water rings on wooden furniture, use a damp cloth and apply a bit of toothpaste – it removes them in no time! To enhance the effect, you can mix the toothpaste with a bit of baking soda. Toothpaste also works well for removing pen and crayon marks on tables and walls, which can be particularly useful when you have creative children.

To remove stains from tea and coffee on your cups or mugs, simply rub a bit of salt on the affected areas or wipe them with a few drops of vinegar.

If you’ve spilled wax on your tablecloth, gently remove the excess with something that won’t damage the surface. Then, place a paper towel, fabric, or coffee filter over the wax and iron it until the wax is absorbed. Replace the paper or fabric as needed.

For an effective homemade cleaning solution, mix 2 dl vinegar, 3 dl water, a few drops of lemon juice, and a few drops of dish soap. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle for a versatile cleaning product.

Good luck!

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