Storefactory creates a feeling of timelessness

Clean lines and natural materials, lovingly designed in Sweden. Storefactory is a Swedish brand in interior design. Our products are created by our own designers. Items – beautiful in their simplicity – looks just as wonderful in the city apartment as in the cottage in the country. Many items are produced in Sweden to support Swedish industry and cherish the resources we have. We always strive to work closely with our suppliers and resellers.

storefactory- our story

With long experience in the interiors design industry and retail, we wanted to create interior details that fits into every homes, that takes advantage of the expressions of the naturally beautiful and that gives that special feeling. The feeling of peace and quiet, of security in memories from the past in new pure Scandinavian lines. Things you can love for a long time. That´s why we created Storefactory. Today we have retailers around Europe and always want to find new stores / online stores. Welcome with your application to become part of the Storefactory team.

/Mats & Madeleine

OUR Design

The vision with Storefactory´s expression has always been clear to me. As Head of Design by our design team, I make sure that each product fulfills its purpose and gives the right feeling. That it should be a natural part of the room and contribute to a harmonious feeling without taking too much attention.

When people talk about Scandinavian design, they often talk about the simple, clean. That which is unconstitutional and close to nature.

That is also the heart of Storefactory’s design

” A new idea can just as easily come as a flash from a clear sky during a forest walk, as emerging in collaboration with a producer or in the design team. And when it feels in the stomach that it´s right, then it usually is”

In the autumn collection is the new VALLTORP. A nice candlestick that breathes Storefactory. Simple as it is or you can fill the small moat with cones, moss for Christmas or sweets! It will be very exciting to see how it is received

/ Madeleine