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HolmbySmall white candlestick


Article nr 210833
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 cm
Colors WhiteBeigeDark grey
Sizes SmallLarge
Availability: Currently not shipping outside of Sweden

Candle holder in matte ceramic. A candle holder that really exudes Storefactory. Stylish and simple at first glance, but the pattern in the dish creates exclusivity and elegance. Feel free to place several Holmby next to each other for a striking impression.

Available in several different colors and sizes.

Care advice: All our ceramics are matte and untreated and have become a signum of Storefactory. It is also natural that there may be small dots or pits in the ceramic when it is handmade.

Important: Keep in mind that if you fill your candlestick with something, then remember to protect the surface with some plastic so that the material does not absorb what you put in it. Should the accident occur and you get dirt on your candlestick, you can try our cleaning sponge that we sell here on the website. Many of our retailers also sell the cleaning sponge so ask in your nearest store or you can find it HERE.

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